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In production
Birth of Texas Series- Eight feature length documentaries that take the history of Texas from Spanish Texas, along the road to revolution, through the Republic and on to statehood. These accessible films highlight the many diverse elements that help point our great state toward what it is today.

Home Front: Texas in WWII- The flurry of military and industrial activity combined with social upheaval around the Lone Star State changed Texas forever. This documentary explores everything about our state's journey through the war years.

Historic Schools of Harris County - This volume, filled with photographs both old and new, will tell the tale of Harris County's pre-1950 school buildings both extant and not. A collection of vintage and modern photographs and the rich oral history told by former students and faculty will provide a complete human story of these structures which have been the launching pad for many generations of productive Houstonians. We are almost finished with our research and are now looking for financial support to publish this incredible collection of information. Please help support Houston's History.

Houston Music History Series - The first title, covering the incredible music that Houston's African-American community produced during the Jim Crow era, is in production. We'll eventually add Country, Tejano, Dance Clubs and the Music of the 1960s. This combines great memories and songs with social change.

HAM Slices - Tiny little video slices of Houston History. We'll will continue adding new slices, so come hungry for history! And don't forget to get your HAM Slices DVD to savor a high resolution bit of history in front of your own TV.

Neighbor to Neighbor Oral History Project - The N2N project is citywide effort to gather stories of Houston's neighborhoods as remembered by their long-time residents. These stories will be used to enrich the history in the Houston Neighborhood Series of books including the Historic Schools of Harris County.

History Documentaries - HAM is always working on new ideas to teach important, but lesser understood, aspects of Houston's past. Among other topics we've been exploring is the Levi Jordan Plantation in Brazoria County. A couple of other ideas are outlined below.

Stand Up Story - This documentary film is a history of stand-up comedy in Houston with an emphasis on the heady years of the 1980s when The Comedy Workshop at San Felipe and Shepherd was one of the hottest clubs in the country, producing stars like Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Janeane Garafalo, Brett Butler and a host of memorable characters who reminisce in what might be one of the funniest true documentaries ever. Watch the trailer.

Galveston Bay: An Eco-History - The island suffered enormous damage after Hurrican Ike, with the loss of tens of thousands of trees being among the most noticeable. This documentary takes a look at how nature's storms and man's footprint have changed life on the island and around the Bay.

What's Your HQ? - An educational game designed to test your knowledge of Houston history, business, sports, people, places, and arts. We have written 3000 questions and have designed the game board, and are looking for corporate underwriting for our manufacturing costs.

Houston Preservation Website - HAM was fortunate enough to create virtual preservation walking tours for the new website backed by the City's Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission. Check out the tours from the upper right portion of the home page. We also produced a very nice video, Saved on the Bayou, that tells the story of preservation in Houston.


We have learned—too often through the hard lessons of neglect and waste—that if man brutalizes the landscape, he wounds his own spirit; if he raises buildings which are trivial or offensive, he admits the poverty of his imagination; if he creates joyless cities, he imprisons himself. And we have learned that an environment of order and beauty can delight, inspire and liberate men.
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