Houston Arts and Media Wins Two Coveted REMI Awards for Film

Houston, TX - April 21, 2015 - Houston Arts and Media has received two REMI Awards for Documentary at the just completed 2015 WorldFest/Houston International Film Festival. The winning documentaries are both part of the Birth of Texas Series that chronicles the state from Spanish Texas until statehood. The most recent film, Washington-on-the-Brazos: The Politics of Revolution, won a Gold REMI Award and the one released just prior, San Felipe and American Settlement, won a Silver REMI Award.

The trailer for Washington may be seen here:

The trailer for San Felipe may be seen here:

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Worldfest/Houston International Film Festival received over 4,300 film entries this year. Only eight REMIs were awarded in the History & Archaeology Film category, and two of those went to Houston Arts and Media. HAM was the only winner in that category from Texas.

The Birth of Texas Documentary Series is a multi-part series of feature length documentaries that chronicle the journey from Spanish Texas, along the road to Revolution, through the days of the Republic and on to statehood. The videos not only explore the complete stories of the famous military actions at the Alamo, Goliad and San Jacinto including recent breakthroughs in scholarship and archaeology, but also the roles played by Tejanos, American settlers, filibusterers, enslaved African-Americans, European immigrants and foreign governments in shaping the story of our state.

These documentaries educate adults and students about the early history of our great State of Texas. Two of them have aired on various PBS stations in Texas including Houston's Channel 8 KUHT, They also serve as a powerful vehicle for history tourism, motivating people to visit these hallowed locations for themselves.

All four of the Birth of Texas films are available on DVD through HAM. Public viewings will continue to be scheduled. The next film is San Antonio and the Alamo, and it will be released in early summer 2015.

Houston Arts and Media continues to work on several other video projects such as the award-winning HAM Slices of History and Home Front: Texas in WWII. They also continue with Neighborhood to Neighbor, an ongoing oral history gathering project that has already placed the stories of scores of Houstonians in the Houston Public Library's Houston Metropolitan Research Center and Rice University's Woodson Research Center. HAM also partners with the Houston Public Library to present the annual Houston History Book Fair & Symposium each November. Parties interested in supporting these efforts through donations or volunteerism should contact Houston Arts and Media via e-mail at

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